The Pearls of Proton Therapy Research; creating added value through synergy

Welcome to the international Scientific Symposium of the HollandPTC R&D Consortium. This event will be combined with the research day of DUPROTON, the collaboration of the Dutch Proton therapy centers. During the symposium, we will show the latest technical, biological, and clinical research in proton therapy. Additionally, in collaboration with DUPROTON, we will reflect on 5 years of proton therapy in the Netherlands and look ahead to the future.

Practical information

T: +31 088 501 1186

X TU Delft, building 37-Theatre hall, Mekelweg 8, Delft

For parking, check lot P2 or:

Where to stay – hotels

There are many hotels in Delft, here some suggestions you may like:

  • Social Hub
    If you are coming by train and like something modern. Use the promo code HPTC2023
  • Hotel Arsenaal
    If you are coming by train and like something historic. Use the promo code WESTCORDFRIEND
  • Westcord hotel
    If you are coming by car. Use the promo code WESTCORDFRIEND (same chain, hence same promo code)

Register and pay

To register, please fill out one of the forms below.
The international Scientific Symposium will span 2 days, please make sure you select the right form.

Registration for 1 day, either Thursday or Friday

Registration for 2 days

The registration fees are:

  • 1 day: €100
  • 2 days: €175

Use the link, QR code or transfer the money via IBAN: NL66ABNA0427550831

1 day                                                                           2 days


Please note that your registration is only finalized once we have received your payment, please make sure to register a.s.a.p. as tickets are limited. The registration deadline is November 15th.


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