Doing proton research or use our facilities

Are you interested in doing research in the field of proton therapy? Do you have a novel research idea, want to start a new collaboration, submit a new proposal or request to use the research facilities?

On the page pre-clinical and clinical research facilities you will find more information on all the facilities that we have. If you want to know more about the clinical research, please go to the the current clinical studies. Interested in clinical data? Read more on the process and an indication of the available clinical data.

Step 1 – Contact our Research Office

The Research Office team will make sure you are in contact with the right person of the R&D department.

Step 2 – Meeting to discuss your idea/proposal/request

You will meet with our R&D colleagues (i.e. coordinator clinical R&D, beam line scientist, data manager, etc) to discuss your idea/proposal or request in detail.


Step 3 – Checklist preparation

Together with the R&D colleagues you will fill in and prepare the checklist needed to collect all practical information. Depending if you apply for preclinical or clinical facilities, checklists will differ.



Step 4 – Evaluation is communicated

Your idea/proposal or request is evaluated and you will be informed by our Research Office on the evaluation outcome.