Research programme

What is the benefit of proton therapy and how can we further improve its efficacy? These are the leading research questions of the HollandPTC Research & Development Programme.

Together with our partners from Erasmus MC, LUMC and TU Delft a research consortium and the HollandPTC R&D programme has been established. The HollandPTC R&D Programme Board is the decision making body of the consortium and manages the research programme.

The HollandPTC R&D Programme focuses on a variety of topics within the fields of biology, physics & technology, and applied clinical research. The programme is further divided into 6 roadmaps:

  1. Radiobiology
  2. Technology for the next generation of proton therapy
  3. Imaging for biology-guided adaptive proton therapy
  4. Implementation and evaluation of new technology
  5. Predictive modelling, big data analytics, decision making, health economics
  6. Clinical trials