Research facilities

Clinical facilities

Please note that not all research facilities are operational yet. Do you want to use the HollandPTC facilities, or do you have any questions, please contact the Research Office.

HollandPTC has 2 treatment gantries and a dedicated treatment station for ocular tumours. These 3 treatment facilities can be used for R&D purposes outside the designated treatment hours.

The 2 clinical proton therapy systems use pencil beam scanning technology in 360-degree gantries and are mounted with KV/cone-beam CT, for patient position verification. Furthermore, each treatment room is equipped with in-room sliding Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS CT scanner and a robotic bed to move the patient from imaging to treatment position, without altering the positioning.

The ocular station consists of a fixed horizontal beamline and a single-scattering nozzle. It is fitted with orthogonal X-ray imaging equipment, utilizing digital flat-panel detectors, for patient position verification. A robotic chair allows positioning and immobilization of the patient with respect to the proton beam.



The following clinical-grade imaging equipment is also available for R&D:

  • Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge 128-slice single-source TwinBeam dual-energy CT scanner
  • Siemens Biograph Horizon PET-CT scanner with TrueV axial gantry-extension
  • Philips Ingenia MR-RT 3T MRI scanner

All imaging equipment is equipped with flat, hard-top couches and external lasers. Radiotherapy immobilisation moulds and indexing devices can be used.

HollandPTC has a research database consisting of prospectively-collected patient information. This database consists of health, treatment and follow-up information of all consenting patients treated at HollandPTC. Anonymized or coded data can be requested following the MREC-approved procedure.



R&D facilities

In addition to the patient gantries, HollandPTC features a dedicated R&D bunker equipped with a stationary, horizontal beamline. Beam time for research will be available outside normal treatment hours for approximately 20 hours per week.

HollandPTC furthermore features radiochemical, physics and biology labs to enable researchers to prepare their experiments at our site.