HollandPTC is the independent clinic and research centre in which TU Delft, Leiden University Medical Centre and Erasmus Medical Centre collaborate in providing excellent care and groundbreaking research, with the ambition to be one of the world-wide leading Institutes in the field of proton therapy. It is expected that HollandPTC will be treating complex oncology patients in mid-2018.  


The primary goal of HollandPTC is to provide excellent patient care. HollandPTC aims to provide treatment to as many patients as possible. We will do everything possible to prevent waiting lists and to help each patient as soon as possible.


HollandPTC aims to contribute to groundbreaking research for which is focused on two priorities:

1. The application of advanced imaging to make proton therapy more accurate and to spare the surrounding tissue.
2. Clinical studies, focusing on the effect of the treatment on the tumor and the surrounding tissue.



HollandPTC will provide education and training in the field of proton therapy for clinicians (radiotherapists), medical physicists, radiotherapy technicians and technical staff. In addition students and PhD students, will be trained within the research team of HollandPTC.